High Performance Hydration

Keeping hydrated during exercise and training is extremely important. A small amount of dehydration could be detrimental to performance levels.

The best way stay hydrated is with Elite Water – packed full of oxygen, minerals, salts, antioxidant hydroxyl ions and electrolytes – it hydrates fast, sustaining the body’s performance at the cellular level.  Developed in conjunction with trainers and sports nutritionists, pure delicious Elite Water is the perfect balance for training, exercise and recovery.

Elite Water: The Health Benefits

✔ No pollutants: all bacteria, metals, hormones, pesticides, chemicals, and nitrates reduced by 99.9%

✔ Only water with no estrogens. Guaranteed

✔ Delivers electrolytes, helping maintain essential internal balance

✔ With a unique declustered molecular structure it is the best format to transport any other nutrient supplements, minerals, salts and protein drinks into the body

✔ Boosts metabolism

✔ Speeds up recovery and rehabilitation time

✔ The optimum alkalinity of 9.5.

✔ Oxygenated helping to bring oxygen to the body’s cells fast

✔ Enriched with electrolytes, salts and minerals

✔ Organically activated hydroxyl ions; a powerful antioxidant to help fight free radicals


Elite Water is headed up by former professional footballer Darren Bradley.

Elite Water by Pure Ionic are fully scalable systems. They can be installed in training clubs, sports grounds and athletes’ homes.

The unique system uses no electricity, wastes no water and softens hard water without the use of salts.

It’s eco-friendly and extremely economical.


The hard work done during training is supported by the food you eat and the water you drink throughout the day.

Ensure consistency in the quality of the water you drink and install the fully scalable Elite Water system at home.


Currently used at training grounds and by the sports elite.



West Bromwich Albion

Leicester CIty FC

Barnet FC

Crawley Town


England RFL

Leicester Tigers RUFC


London Irish RUFC

Wigan Warriors RFL

Warrington Wolves RFL

St Helens RFL

England Rugby 7s


Nottinghamshire CCC

Sport Professionals:

Lewis Moody, Rugby

Geordan Murphy, Rugby

Craig Bellamy, Soccer

Amir Khan, Boxing

Darren Maddy, Cricket

Recommended by top coaches:

Matt Lovell. Man City, ERFU, Team GB.
Mortimer Team GB Snow and Ski Board Performance Director.
Mark Sheasby Mind sport coach Director Sapsford,
Installed at the High Performance Centre the Hipac (as used by team GB track and Field)  UKA Loughborough University.