The Pure Ionic filtration system is the only natural system available to the equine industry. No other filtration system can match the fine molecular level that Pure Ionic can.


• Hydrates up to 6 x that of tap water

• Provides the body with additional oxygen and therefore energy

• Removes toxins

• Speeds up circulation

• Boosts metabolism

• Helps prevent ulcers by balancing the acidity

• Provides allergy relief

• Minimises Azoturia (tying up)

• Gives quicker absorption of minerals

• Is a powerful anti-oxidant

• Reduces injury rate

• Enables horses to run for longer before lactic acid takes effect


Horses need approx. 10 gallons of clean, fresh, pollutant free water a day. Keeping hydrated during exercise and training is extremely important. A small amount of dehydration could be detrimental to performance levels and increase risk of injury.

Our system produces pure, oxygenated alkaline water, with perfectly balanced minerals, electrolytes and negatively charged hydroxyl ions.

We are the only natural, organic filter and enhancement system that can supply a whole stable up to 100,000 gallons a day.

✔ No pollutants: all bacteria, metals, hormones, pesticides, chemicals, and nitrates reduced by 99.9%

✔ Only water with no estrogens. Guaranteed

✔ Delivers electrolytes, helping maintain essential internal balance

✔ With a unique declustered molecular structure it is the best format to transport any other nutrient supplements, minerals, salts and protein drinks into the body

✔ Boosts metabolism

✔ Speeds up recovery and rehabilitation time

✔ The optimum alkalinity of 9.5.

✔ Oxygenated helping to bring oxygen to the body’s cells fast

✔ Enriched with electrolytes, salts and minerals

✔ Organically activated hydroxyl ions; a powerful antioxidant to help fight free radicals


A horse’s diet was traditionally alkaline balanced, but today there is a decrease in the variety of plants, herbs and grasses in the pastures.

Pesticides, herbicides and nitrates are omnipresent in our countryside and in our water tables.

The addition of highly processed grains, molasses and synthetic fortified nutrients add an unknown effect on the horse’s natural internal balance.

Acidosis, lethargy, equine allergies, ulcers and metabolic challenges are on the increase in horses.


• Pure alkaline water of the same quality no matter what the source water

• Delivers the electrolytes, minerals and salts, essential to a horses’ health and performance

• Oxygenated with organically activated hydroxyl ions to provide powerful anti oxidants, helping combat free radicals and preventing disease

• Uses no electricity and creates no waste water

• Softens hard water without adding salts

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