Pure Ionic Water

We have a simple aim:  Create the perfect water: Clean, health enhancing and hydrating.


• All water has solids dissolved in it. Today’s tap water has been found to have a cocktail of harmful pollutants from heavy metals to hormones

• Pure Ionic Water provides possibly the cleanest water there is

• Metals, pesticides, nitrates, chlorine, chemicals are reduced to a zero TDS.

• Pure Ionic Water is the only filtration system that can take out estrogens

Health Enhancing

Pure Ionic Water is enhanced in three ways:

• Naturally activated creating hydroxyl ions which act as a powerful antioxidants

• Enriched with electrolytes, minerals and salts

• Alkaline pH 9.5


• For athletes and professional sports men and women, hydration is key to performance and needs to happen fast

• Proper hydration increases mental focus and stamina, and decreases recovery and rehabilitation time

• Through Pure Ionic Water’s unique enhancement systems the water is more easily absorbed by the cells

• Speeding hydration and increasing the amount that the cells can absorb


We Filter Differently. We Treat Hard Water Differently.

Filtration and Enhancement:


Reverse osmosis wastes water at an average 4:1 ratio – that means that for every 1 litre of water you get, 4 gets flushed down the drain.

If you want remineralised water, rather than just dead H2O, you must buy another filter to do this.

The water is then sent through an electric ionising machine which splits the water again into 50% acid and finally, your 50% alkalised water.

With other systems you will waste 5 litres of water to get 1 litre to drink.

Not eco friendly, not good for the planet.



Pure Ionic Water has one simple system that filters, activates the ions and mineralises: no expensive extras.

Unlike ANY other system, we can treat any volume of water.  1000 gallons+

We do not produce any waste water at any stage – put 5 litres in and you get 5 litres out.

No electricity is used in our process – the ions are activated naturally.

The result is great tasting alkaline mineral water every time. No matter where you are.

Good for you and good for the planet.

Water Softeners:

Salt Water Softening Systems

Removes the effects of magnesium and calcium bonding in water by stripping them out and adding in sodium (salt).


Pure Ionic Water Systems

Removes the effects of magnesium and calcium bonding in water by uncoupling the two minerals and holding them in suspension. This allows for the water to remain mineral rich but eliminates the need for the addition of extra sodium.